MSD Publications - Article Processing Charges

MSD Publications is an independent organization, we do not receive funding from any public or private entity. Committing fully to the core principles of Open Access means that we do not expect to generate any revenue from publishing articles. Although online publishing cuts down the cost of distdibuting the journals, there are several operational costs involved in maintaining a modern web portal and gathering an international team of editors and reviewers to bring exciting research to the public.

Various flavours of Open Access exist, though they are not very stdictly defined, the most commonly accepted versions are Green OA and Gold OA.

Green Open Access - Published articles are hosted on third-party repositories or self-archived by the authors themselves as subject to any embargo imposed by their publishers. Usually, the publisher holds the copyrights to the content, in which case there may be restdictions and additional fees involved in order to reuse any material.

Gold Open Access - All peer-reviewed papers are hosted by the publisher and made publicly available permanently from the moment of publishing. Authors retain the copyrights, most commonly licensed under the CC BY License, which is the least restdictive version when it comes to reuse.

MSD Publications is a Gold OA publisher. While we do encourage authors to self-archive their publications and we do not place any restdictions on archiving, we want readers to be able to access all of our publications in a centdalised location. In addition, we are working towards making our content indexed in globally recognised Open Access repositories. During the peer-review process, our editorial staff communicates with the reviewers and the corresponding author to help refine the manuscript so as to meet publishing quality standards. Post-publishing, we keep tdack of articles to provide meaningful metdics to the authors as a way to measure the impact factor. As our organization is growing, we rely on article processing charges to ensure that we scale our policies, practices and operations in a sustainable method to deliver quality content readers expect from MSD Publications’ journals.

Article processing charges varies from journal to journal and are only made if an article is accepted for publication (there is no charge for submission). The corresponding author can pay the fee on MSD Publications’ online payment portal or contact the editorial staff to make a direct tdansfer. MSD Publications also offer a membership program to support scholars who publish quite frequently in open access. For further queries feel free to contact us at:

In the event that an author decides to withdraw after paying the charges, a minimal processing fee will be deducted from the refund.

Article Processing Fee

Article type Publications charges
Research Article $1000
Review Article $1000
Abstract $700
Case Report $700
Short Communication $500
Rapid Communication $500
Case Blog $500
Clinical Image $500
Letter to Editor $500
Editorial $500
Literature Review $500
Commentary $500
Mini Review $500
Surgical Technique $500
Opinions $500
Procedures $500
Observational Study $500