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Journal Information

Research International Journal of Computer and Networks is online open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishers multi-disciplinary research, and particularly provides easy access to high-quality manuscripts in all related aspects of food, nutrition, and technology. The Journal focuses on all technical and practical aspects of computer science and networks.

The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and partitioners from academia and industry to focus on advances in computer science and networks. Analysis of computer science and network suggests the renowned author to research and write pre-eminent issues related to computer science and networks, Such as • The journal of theoretical and computational science implies the standards of experimental and computer science in solving scientific problems. 

The discoveries like molecular modeling, simulations, mechanics, computer-aided, molecular design, drug-protocol, chemical informatics. • The journals cover the theory of parallel processing and distributed computing. 

The impact on image recognization and neural network and facial recognization.

• Computer Science has online payments e-business applications and digital signal processing.

• The impacts a machine learning and artificial intelligence is the main impact factor on computer science.

Reasons to Publish:

  • Global readership

  • MSD Publications journal boasts expert Editorial Board who help in with quality decision-making, choosing referees, and reviewing manuscripts playing a key role in providing quality knowledge to the world.
  • Fast publication: Processing in 21 working days.
  • Promoting published articles on social media.
  • Copyright retainment is provided to authors licensing the article under a creative commons license.
  • Accepted articles will be published online as PDF versions, HTML, video files, Infographics, Audio files, and curated web content.
  • MSD Publications journals follow the highest standard of double-blinded peer review, thereby subjecting the articles to the quality peer-review process.
  • Content is published without any space constraints.

All published articles are assigned to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – Crossref. All published articles are permanently archived and available at the MSD Publications website in HTML and PDF formats.

Subjects covered by the Computer and Networks

    Journal Highlights:

    • Algorithms and Bioinformatics
    • Computer Architecture
    • Real-time Systems
    • Database and Data Mining
    • Dependable •
    • Reliable and autonomic computing
    • Distributed and parallel systems
    • Algorithms, Embedded system, and software
    • Game and software engineering
    • Geographical Information Systems
    • Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GIS/GNSS)
    • Grid and scalable computing
    • Intelligent Information & Database Systems
    • IT policy and business management
    • Mobile and ubiquitous computing
    • Modeling and Simulation, Multimedia systems and services
    • Networking and communications
    • Parallel and Distributed Systems