Research International Journal of Ophthalmology

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Journal Name:Research International Journal of Ophthalmology

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Journal Type: Open Access, Peer-reviewed

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Journal Information

Research International Journal of Ophthalmology is an internationally peer-reviewed journal that aims to create a platform to publish various aspects of ophthalmology. The journal covers a wide variety of clinical trials and experimentation in diagnosing and sorting the issues with a challenge to provide the best eye care solutions.

The journal is an open door for consistent research in vision care and management with an aim to provide best, safe and easily adoptable eye care practices. The journal focuses on prominent topics of ophthalmology like clinical optometry, clinical and investigative studies, treatments, surgical techniques, advanced instrumentation, and diagnostic procedures and technologies, cataract and refractive surgery, ocular surface pathology, ocular surface physiology and several other intellectually challenging subjects relevant to ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology is a peer-reviewed Open Access Journal that welcomes the submission of original research articles, review articles and clinical studies in all areas of ophthalmology, including basic science investigations and clinical studies.

All published articles are assigned to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – Crossref. All published articles of this journal are included in the indexing and abstracting coverage of: *Google Scholar.  All published articles are permanently archived and available at the MSD Publications website in HTML and PDF formats.

Subjects covered by the Ophthalmology

    Journal Highlights:

    • • Ophthalmic Diseases and Disorders
    • • Ophthalmic pathology
    • • Ophthalmic surgeries
    • • Ophthalmoscopy
    • • Optical Devices
    • • Optical imaging
    • • OrbitalAnatomy
    • • Orbital reconstruction
    • • Orthoptics
    • • Pediatric ophthalmology
    • • Pharmacology and therapeutics
    • • Refractive surgery
    • • Vision disorders
    • • VisualAcuity
    • • Visual science
    • • Clinical Optometry
    • • Enucleationof the Eye
    • • Epidemology of Eye Diseases
    • • Eye Care
    • • eye injuries
    • • EyeTransplantations
    • • Infectious and Non-infectious uveitis
    • • Neuro-Ophthalmology
    • • Ocular biology
    • • Ocular Diseases and Therapeutics
    • • Ocular inflammation