Research International Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports

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Journal Name:Research International Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports

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Journal Type: Open Access, Peer-reviewed

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Journal Information

Research International Journal of Clinical and Medical Case Reports publishes peer-reviewed, online open access articles and provides a forum for reporting unusual, rare cases and research with a special emphasis on understanding diagnosis, management and pathologic correlations of a disease. This journal publishes case reports in all aspects of Clinical Medicine.

Focus and Scope Case Reports aim is to facilitate immediate access to scientific data available for all readers so that it will emerge as the platform and source for all the scientists, research scholars, students, and other healthcare practitioners to discuss various new issues and developments covering all fields of Clinical Medicine.

The scope of the journal is that it emphasizes the research work done by all the scholars and researchers and gives faith among the students to publish their work. Journal also endorses scholars to publish their contemporary works in research. MSD Case Reports mainly target understanding unusual rare cases and treatment integrates with international medical knowledge.

All published articles are assigned to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – Crossref. All published articles of this journal are included in the indexing and abstracting coverage of *Google Scholar.  All published articles are permanently archived and available at the MSD Publications website in HTML and PDF formats.

Subjects covered by the Clinical and Medical Case Reports

    • Case Reports in Addiction Medicine
    • Case Reports in Allergy and Clinical Immunology
    • Case Reports in Anaesthesiology
    • Case Reports in Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
    • Case Reports in Cardiology
    • Case Reports in Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
    • Case Reports in Clinical Virology
    • Case Reports in Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
    • Case Reports in Endocrinology
    • Case Reports in Gastroenterology
    • Case Reports in Genetics
    • Case Reports in Geriatric Medicine
    • Case Reports in Haematology
    • Case Reports in Hepatology
    • Case Reports in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
    • Case Reports in Nephrology
    • Case Reports in Neurology
    • Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Case Reports in Ophthalmology
    • Case Reports in Oral Diseases
    • Case Reports in Organ Transplantation
    • Case Reports in Orthopaedics
    • Case Reports in Otolaryngology
    • Case Reports in Pathology
    • Case Reports in Paediatrics
    • Case Reports in Pharmacology and Toxicology
    • Case Reports in Psychology and Psychiatry
    • Case Reports in Pulmonology
    • Case Reports in Radiology
    • Case Reports in Reproductive Medicine
    • Case Reports in Urology